How to: SQIBB

Learning how to create this studio quality invisible black background is what you need to take your photography to the next level. Contrary to what it looks it, it’s actually pretty easy to achieve. You just need to remember a few simple things.

First, you must create a triangle with yourself, the subject, and your external light. This will ensure that half of the subject is lit, while the other side is in shadow.

Second, you must master your settings. This set up can get you what you need.

ISO 100; 1/250; F/? – depending on how much light. Outside: f/22;  Inside: 5.8 – 8

Now go practice! Also, check out these other cool SQIBB photos!
How to: SQIBB How to: SQIBBHow to: SQIBBHow to: SQIBBHow to: SQIBB

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