The last 2 weeks were spent planning! I didn’t realize how much planning would go into making a look book. I spent a lot of time looking and researching different brands look books. One consistency that I found was that they each were very specific to the season or look. I can tell that they were planned very carefully and lots of thought went into them. So that’s what I have done with mine. The brand that will be represented in my look book is Olive Avenue. This brand is local to Rexburg Idaho. I wanted to create this look book for a brad that I thought would mutually benefit from my photos! I am in contact with them to set up all the details for shooting. My goal for the photo shoot is to convey the message of their brand in the photos and design. The first thing I did to prepare was creating a mood board. I am consistently adding to it and narrowing in on a style.

Check it out here!

Based on my research I have found colors and fonts that I feel best represent the brand!













Also check out their website!

Their story!

The next two week will be spent shooting and editing the photos!

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