Gathering Models

My goal with creating this look book is to design something that fits right in along with the other things they produce as a brand. I gathered a few girls who I think fit their target audience. These girls are authentically themselves and so beautiful. The next step for me was to go through Olive Ave’s inventory and decide what I wanted them to wear. I paired outfits together based on my desired outcome. I have 3 outfits per girl that match and can be photographed in pieces. The look book will have sections including tee shirts, dresses, and accessories. Each section will have individual shots of the detail and a styled photo of the entire outfit. At the beginning or end of each section there will also be a group photo. I will need a few props for this shoot. Those include, flowers, bubbles, and fruit. I am so excited to start shooting next week! I will have a few snippets of our shoot to share with you!

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