Your Personal Style Will Change

Hello, I am Rebekah Elya. I am very passionate about newborn photography! I love capturing the beauty in everything. My project was done to display my photos and gain new clients. Shoot me an email if you are interested in my services!

I have always thought that my style was a combination of what I replicated from those I admired. Part of that is true. BUT… no one can do exactly what you do. Your style cannot be copied because only you are capable of producing that exact work. My passion for newborn photography came when I saw my sisters and friends having babies. I am captivated by their innocence and beauty. I have always had the motto that I love to capture beautiful things. What is more beautiful than a newborn? As I learned more about photography, I found my style becoming more and more concise. And with that, this project was born. I decided to do a few shoots in order to design a pricing guide for this kind of work. I wanted to produce something that encompassed by brand, style, and personality.

Personal Style

Personal Style Personal Style Personal Style Personal Style Personal Style Personal Style

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