Why Yearly?

It might seem like it’s too often, and maybe for you it is. However, I encourage everyone to set a time frame for themselves and stick to it. That could mean every year or every other year. Just make sure its regular! And here is why…

You’ll Never Look the Same Again

Especially when your kids are young, they are growing so fast. Each year they look totally different and you want to have those memories to look back on.

Christmas Cards!

Having regular photos taken is a great way to check off your yearly Christmas card. No more struggling at the last minute to throw something together!


Precious, Priceless Moments

In my work, I try to capture the fun goofy interactions between family members. I make sure to pose people for a few photos and then I let them be free and I am just there to document their love for each other. I’ll often get such cute photos that could never be replicated. These spontaneous and beautiful moments are the reason I fell in love with photography.


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