Kids & Family Photos

Unfortunately, some people dread taking family phots. It can get a little crazy if you are trying to get 4 kids you look at the camera and smile at the same time! As a photographer, you want to give the best photos back to that parents, and if you have a few tricks up your sleeve, it can help a ton.













Get to Know Them

Before you start, get to know the family and especially the children. Learn their names so it makes it easy to connect with them. Start a little joke with them to make them laugh later!

Dog Toys 

This is hilarious, I know… but it works. If you have a second shooter, have them hold a squeaky toy above the camera. It immediately gets the attention of a young one, and usually makes them smile! If you don’t have a second shooter, just give it a squeeze and then get your shot as fast as you can.

For the Parents

Often, as a shot is posed and we are waiting for a little one to look at the camera, a parent will look down at them and give them instruction. Then the photographer gets a photo of the parents looking down. My tip for you is to just look at the camera and let your photographer talk to the kids! That way everyone is ready and as soon as they look, we get the shoot! So many people talking to a little one often makes them look in all different directions!


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