How to Shoot Product Photography

Step 1 – Light It

Lighting is crucial when trying to take the perfect photograph. For this photo, I used natural light that was coming through a window, and a reflector. The combination of the two light sources created a perfect balance.

product photography

Step 2 – Style It

Adding styling pieces to your photo is what is going to take it to the next level! This photo of honey would have felt plain and boring if there were not other aspects to get you interested. After all, product photography is meant to covey a feeling.

product photographyproduct photography

Step 3 – Separate It

Creating distance between your subject and the background gives it a more interesting feel and helps tells a story. In these two images, you can see bokeh used to create that separation. Because of the products, I chose to shoot outside. My intention was specific with styling, lighting, and separation.

Curious about the lighting needed? Check out this site!

product photography

product photography

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