Keep your equipment safe!

Snow brings more challenges to a shoot then you already have. Having a few things prepared can make the whole thing go a lot smoother. Having a lens hood is a great way of keeping your equipment same and preventing lens flare. Also, remember to only have your lens cap off when you absolutely need to. You’ll avoid water getting on your lens and having to pause and clean it.

White Balance

Another challenge that snow presents is its color cast. Often snow gives an extreme cool and blueish tone to your photos. One way to beat that is using the right white balance. Try using “flash” to warm up your image a bit.

Shoot in Raw

There are so many advantages to shooting in Raw. When it comes to shooting in the snow, you want to get the most sharp and detailed image you can so you can edit a lot in post if needed.

Remember Composition

Don’t forget what you know when you are in a hard situation! Snow usually means less detail in the background setting. To compensate for that make sure the poses are done well and that you use contrast to your advantage as much as possible. The white snow is best shown with objects like trees in the background!

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